Vein Removal

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Spider veins are stretched or dilated blood vessels that appear to branch out along the thighs, lower legs and hands. Spider veins are naturally progressive and often increase in visibility and number as you get older.

Recent technological advancements have greatly improved the treatment of spider veins. Our knowledgeable staff of licensed aestheticians and laser technicians will help you determine which treatment, or combination of treatments, can help you achieve the results you need.

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Below are the treatment options available at Urban Medspa & Weight Loss Center for vein removal.


Sclerotherapy is an effective method for minimizing the appearance of spider veins and varicose veins on the legs, feet and hands. In sclerotherapy treatment, a concentrated solution is injected directly into the target vein, causing it to seal. Normal blood flow is then routed away from the vein and the discoloration diminishes. In some cases, the spider veins vanish completely, but 3-5 sessions usually produce noticeable and long-lasting results.

  • 2-milliliter price: $275
  • 4-milliliter price: $500
  • 6-milliliter price: $675

IPL Vein Removal

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment for minor spider veins targets capillaries and excess blood that has leaked into the skin. Precisely controlled pulses of light emit heat that selectively destroys abnormal veins without affecting surrounding tissue.

Unlike laser treatment, IPL is effective at treating veins that are slightly deeper in the skin. Two to four sessions are usually required for optimal results, although the total amount of treatments ultimately depends on the quantity and size of the veins you need to have treated.

Note: Unfortunately, IPL treatments are not safe for darker skin tones.

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Before scheduling your vein removal treatment, we recommend you schedule a consultation with one of our highly-trained licensed aestheticians. Consultations are required prior to any laser or IPL treatment. During your consultation, we will analyze your skin and medical history to determine the most effective approach for your treatment.

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