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Laser Hair Removal

Say goodbye to shaving, waxing, and plucking. At Urban Medspa & Weight Loss Center, we proudly offer state-of-the-art laser hair removal treatment for men and women of every skin color and complexion. We pride ourselves on routinely providing safe, unsurpassed results in a comfortable and professional environment.

If you live in Charlotte and are considering laser hair removal, please contact us today by completing the form on this page or calling (704) 971-9191 to schedule a personal consultation with one of our expert medical aestheticians and certified laser technicians. We proudly serve clients with various shades of ethnic skin.

Why Laser Hair Removal?

Traditional hair-removal methods can be uncomfortable and time-consuming. At Urban Medspa & Weight Loss Center, we use the FDA-approved Candela Gentle Yag laser and the Cutera Coolglide laser, an effective tool to remove unwanted hair from all skin tones.


Laser hair removal is a process. Following a series of six to eight treatment sessions, many patients experience permanent hair reduction. During each session, the laser targets your hair and heats the follicles so that they die and do not continue to grow hair. Darker hair reacts better to the treatment since the laser targets hair by pigment. This treatment is ineffective on white gray or blond hair.

Accentuate cheek bones


Augment a receding or small chin


Plump thin, flat lips

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At Urban Medspa & Weight Loss Center, we are passionate about helping our clients look and feel their best. We understand the important connection between aesthetic appearance and self-image. We offer the most innovative and advanced nonsurgical cosmetic procedures to help clients of every shade and complexion.

If you live in Charlotte and want to learn more about which treatment is right for you, please contact Urban Medspa & Weight Loss Center today online or at (704) 971-9191 to schedule a personal consultation. We proudly treat skin of every color and shade.

What Areas Can Laser Hair Removal Treat?

Our top of the line and FDA approved 1064nm YAG lasers are the safest and most effective lasers for removing unwanted hair on all skin tones. NOTE: An Average of 6-8 treatments are recommended to achieve permanent hair reduction. This treatment does not work on white, grey or blonde hair. When a package of 7 treatments is purchased, all treatments/touchups after the 7th treatment are 50% off.


Lost soft tissue volume


Moderate to deep facial wrinkles


Scars caused by acne or other facial issues


Smile lines

To learn more about how our Charlotte office can help you with laser hair removal, please call Urban Medspa & Weight Loss Center today at (704) 971-9191. We pride ourselves in being Charlotte’s premiere provider of skin care and laser treatments for people with black skin, brown skin and every shade of ethic skin.


Medically referred to as Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (PFB), razor bumps often feel and look like pimples, but they are caused by ingrown hairs.

When you shave, the tip of the remaining hair has a sharp point. As the hair continues to grow, particularly curly hair, the sharp tip can curve back and pierce the skin. The body reacts to this condition just like it would to a common splinter, by creating an inflamed, pimple-like bump.


Fill hollows beneath the eyes


Reduce lines around the mouth

Why Razor Bump Laser Treatments?

Fortunately, laser hair removal treatments can dramatically improve or completely eliminate these stubborn, unwanted razor bumps. During your consultation, you can discuss your options and treatment expectations with your laser technician.

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Schedule Your Personal Consultation Today!

To learn more about how our Charlotte office can help you with laser hair removal, please call Urban Medspa & Weight Loss Center today at (704) 971-9191. We pride ourselves in being Charlotte’s premiere provider of skin care and laser treatments for people with black skin, brown skin and every shade of ethic skin.

Why Urban Medspa?

At your initial consultation, a skilled laser technician will examine the area you would like to treat and evaluate your candidacy for the procedure. We will discuss your concerns and expectations, based on the color and thickness of your hair. Once you and your aesthetician have decided to proceed with treatment, you will be given detailed instructions on how to prepare for your session.

What to Expect

The procedure itself is relatively comfortable. Each pulse feels similar to a snap from a hot rubber band. There is no physical downtime following laser hair removal, but it is not uncommon to experience temporary, mild redness and possible swelling. After your session, you will be provided with standard post-treatment instructions, such as avoiding direct sunlight, saunas or other activities that could irritate the treatment area for a period of time.


Treatment prices:

Blank First
Head, Face and Neck
Lip $65/PKG of 7 $455
Chin $95/PKG of 7 $665
Lip & Chin $120/PKG of 7 $840
Forehead $80/PKG of 7 $560
Cheeks $120/PKG of 7 $840
Sideburns $80/PKG of 7 $560
Full beard (face & neck) $190/PKG of 7 $1330
Midbrow $35/PKG of 7 $245
Partial Beard $130/PKG of 7 $910
Neck (Jawline down) $130/PKG of 7 $910
Face (Jawline up) $160/PKG of 7 $1120
Scalp $185/PKG of 7 $1295
Shoulders and Down
Areola $110/PKG of 7 $770
Happy Trail $90/PKG of 7 $630
Bikini (outside swim) $135/PKG of 7 $945
Bikini (sides & top) $155/PKG of 7 $1085
Brazilian $190/PKG of 7 $1330
Buttocks $190/PKG of 7 $1330
Underarms $115/PKG of 7 $805
Partial Arms $160/PKG of 7 $1120
Full Arms $240/PKG of 7 $1680
Shoulders $165/PKG of 7 $1155
Partial Back $180/PKG of 7 $1260
Full Back $275/PKG of 7 $1925
Chest $180/PKG of 7 $1260
Abs $180/PKG of 7 $1260
Abs & Chest $275/PKG of 7 $1925
Partial Legs $235/PKG of 7 $1645
Full Legs $375/PKG of 7 $2625
Full Body $1000/PKG of 7 $7000
Toes or Fingers $50/PKG of 7 $350
Spot Treatments available for $25

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions we receive from our patients! If you do not see your question listed please feel free to drop us a line below.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express), cash, FSA (Flex Spending Account) and HSA (Health Spending Account), we do not accept checks or insurance. We also have Interest Free Financing Available through Care Credit.

What is Care Credit?

CareCredit is different from a regular credit card. It helps you pay for out-of-pocket expenses not covered by medical insurance by extending special financing options that you can’t get when using your Visa or MasterCard.

What is your cancellation policy?

No problem, it happens! At Urban Med Spa, we have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel within 24 hours your cancelation is complimentary. If you fail to provide 24 hours notice your first cancellation will be waived for free, but your second and any other cancellations are subject to a $50 fee. Please note, cancellations with an injector are subject to a $100 fee and are exempt from the free first time cancellation policy.

Is a consultation required before scheduling an appointment?

Yes, we require a consultation prior to scheduling a treatment, we also offer online consultations to accommodate out of town patients. Our consultations cost $50 and are 30 minutes long.