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no-shade-blogHey, Beautiful. We need your help! UrbanSkinRX is on a mission to integrate the beauty industry once and for all by declaring that there is no such thing as one standard of beauty–certainly not one based on skin tone! While we’re making strides with our line of clinical skincare products designed for all skin shades, we’re setting out to change attitudes with a our social-esteem movement: MyShadeIs, a no-shade-to-you, but I am who I am campaign that showcases our unique kind of beauty, and declares that we are the most beautiful together. We invite you to SHARE YOUR SHADE of beauty right now! Go to, follow the simple steps to create your unique meme describing your shade, and then share it with the world! Not only will you be doing your part to redefine the definition of beauty for yourself and for so many other women, you will be entered into a free drawing for a chance to win a USRX gift valued at $500!