3 New IV Infusion Treatments / IV Hydration Therapy

Providing Beautiful Skin to Charlotte and Nearby Areas of North Carolina

$125 or as a same-day add-on for $79

IV hydration therapy is a fast and effective way to fight exhaustion, boost energy and help you look and feel better. Each session lasts approximately 45 minutes, is fast acting, and has a 100% absorption rate. For best results, treatments should be spaced between 1-2 weeks apart to keep nutrient levels stable.

Not sure what you need? We have created three convenient options to choose from:

Complexion Correction Skin Fix

Well-hydrated and nourished skin is happy skin. Send essential fluids and vitamins directly into your bloodstream to rehydrate your skin as well as stop melanin synthesis which causes uneven skin tone.. With an emphasis on anti-aging & improving uneven skin tone, this beautifying treatment includes:

Ascorbic Acidan antioxidant to help protect cell from free-radical damage

B-Complex Vitaminshelps keep cells healthy and convert nutrients into energy

- L-Glutathionepowerful antioxidant which promotes anti-aging, fades dark marks, brightens skin & provide energy and mental clarity

Biotinfortifies keratin infrastructure and promotes healthy skin, hair, and nails

Weight Loss and Metabolism Boost

This treatment provides a quick boost to not only speed up your metabolism, but also help curb your appetite and improve your digestive health overall. This infusion includes:

Vita Complexa mixture of B Complex vitamins which convert nutrients into energy

Amino Blendessential amino acids that burn fat and improve metabolism speed

Hydroxocobalamin B12promotes healthy brain function, blood cells and nerves

Immunity & Energy Pick Me Up

Staying hydrated is essential for staying energized. Delivering a shot of vitamins and minerals to your bloodstream not only allows your body to quickly absorb nutrients, it also leaves you with longer lasting energy. Instantly feel healthier, happier, and ready to go with this powerful IV treatment blend of:

Ascorbic Acid: an antioxidant to help protect cell from free-radical damage

Vita Complexa mixture of B Complex vitamins which keep skin healthy and convert nutrients into energy

Zinc Chloride: reduces the duration of illnesses, prevents infection, and speeds up the body's healing process